About Me

I was born in the north of England in the mostly rainy, seaside town of Blackpool. My earliest memory of writing was when my dad gave me a big red notebook that I filled it with poems and short stories and I even drew pictures to go with them. I was ten.

I always knew I was going to be creative and when I was older, I went to university in London and studied Printed Textiles. It was during that time that I read the question – “Where do lost things go?” and I immediately thought – they go to Lost Property of course! And my idea for Lost Property was born.

It took me ten years of procrastinating, (that’s when you will do ANYTHING to avoid doing the one thing you’re supposed to be doing), before I finally got on with writing and finishing Lost Property.

These days I am back living in Blackpool with my husband and our two rescue cats Bedford and Daisy. I work full time in a bank and I spend every other waking hour writing stories for children.

Bedford the quiet gentleman and Daisy the crazy kitten.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. I use a notebook app on my phone and I try to write down at least one interesting thing every day. Sometimes I will hear something funny and it will spark an idea for a story or character. Other times I will go looking for inspiration and visit new places or go to museums.

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